2018 Icebox Video Residency

The Icebox Project Space is pleased to support local video artist Lisa Marie Patzer as the recipient of its 2018 Video Residency. The video residency program, entering its inaugural year, is intended to provide financial, technical, and consulting support for an artist to create a new work that utilizes the gallery’s unique multi-media projection system. Patzer is a Philadelphia-based video, web, and new media artist whose work deals with topics at the intersection of technology, identity politics, and the public sphere. During her residency, Patzer will work closely with the technical and spatial offerings of the gallery to create a new site specific video installation titled, “A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy.” Looking at the history of technological advances in surveillance and Supreme Court rulings on the Fourth Amendment, this project will engage the audience to question what is a reasonable expectation of privacy in the 21st century.


The Icebox Project Space, co-directed by Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney, is an innovative and experimental contemporary exhibition space where visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, and performers are able to work, think, and collaborate within a uniquely large scale and open structure. The Icebox’s unique video system gives artists the power to utilize a 100 ft by 20 ft surface to project upon. The multi-media system can combine multiple video files, live video feeds, static images, and sound layers in an almost unlimited number of ways. The Icebox boldly explores the notion and limitations of what defines an exhibition, and seeks to challenge and explore, while fostering the creative process. Located in North Philadelphia, the Icebox engages a broad National and International audience, and visitors should expect a high level of engagement with programming, with the space itself, and with the community it continues to build.

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