Mixed Body

photos by Bill Hebert and Jon Olshefski
image photo by Bill Hebert

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In this project, the documentary trace, "fingerprint", is a cipher of social control [and] becomes a trace of the televisual body or hybrid live representation that actively engages relational processes with other bodies. The fingerprint, the criminalizing identifier, becomes a gestural tool, anonymously contributed from multiple input points to a performance space as dynamic scenery for dancers. Anonymous live participants generate through physical/digital traces in a reversal of their documentation. A social/performance event is created by these documented and undocumented bodies.

~Sarah Drury, 2009

scene2photo by Bill Hebert

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Mixed Body is an interactive video installation and improvisational dance performance that focuses on the body as a source of identity in both the physical and virtual realms. It looks at the experience of the “body as data” in the center of the narrative recounting how measurable and collectable aspects of corporeality are utilized to establish and legitimize a person’s identity.


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