Custom prints framed in hand crafted wooden backlit light boxes, adding a flexible design element to any space.

These illuminated pieces are made to complement the look and feel of the surrounding space. Wall mounted with durable fabric surfaces. An integrated lighting solution, allowing for a wide range of application and design options.

The diffuse light of the backlit wall picture not only produces a pleasant atmosphere, the surface is designed in collaboration with the architect, site planner, and/or occupants to tell a story that is personalized to the space. The fabric is easy to remove from the frame and can be exchanged with different designs. Thanks to colorfast printing, the image is machine washable.

The power supply for the boxes can be integrated with the wall. In this installation, a 24 watt line was dropped from the ceiling and connected to the back of two of the boxes on the far end. Three boxes were powered from one supply source by daisy chaining them together with stylized fabric covered cords. The boxes turn on and off with the same light switch that turns on the overhead fixtures.

“Your piece looks fabulous!!!!!  The photo does not do it justice. I am so pleased!” ~Customer response, 2023

The light box starts with a custom made wooden frame. The wood, finish, and dimensions vary. The one pictured here is 18″ (h) x 24″ (w) x 4″ (d) made from red oak. The profile depths of the boxes are tailored to individual needs and range between 3 and 6 inches.

The light boxes are built by Lisa Marie and Andrew Biordi in their wood shop located in Media, PA. Each box is built to the customers specifications with a variety of options.

The images are designed by Lisa Marie in collaboration with the client. Printed on  Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) fabric which is lightweight, durable, washable, and easily interchangeable.

The inside of the light box is lined with reflective tape and one row of 5000 kelvin (soft-white) LEDs. Light temperature and dimmable options are controlled via a remote control.