New media technologies allow for interactivity both as a physical experience and as a cultural concept.

Questions of power and the role of technology in reinforcing power relations in the public sphere have become increasingly important in the 21st century. New media technologies reflect how agency, control, independence, and automation are enacted and reified through 21st century modes of communication. As new media theorists Lev Manovich and Rita Raley explain, rather than liberate the individual user with greater participation and interactivity, 21st century technologies shifted political struggle from the domain of physical space and property to the realm of digital information and governance of networked technologies.


Philadelphia Forthcoming: The Endless Urban Portrait, da vinci art alliance, 2020, made in collaboration with Andrew Hart and the college of built environment print shop at Jefferson University

close up of wallpaper

Profile Bot

Philly Mini Maker Faire, Pennovation Center, Philadelphia, PA (2018);
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Final Fridays, Technologic, Philadelphia, PA (2017)



Goggleworks Center for the Arts, 11th Annual Juried Exhibition, Reading, PA (2017);
20/92 Video Festival, Ice Box Project Space, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA (2016)

Photo of woman's eye being analyzed by computer algorithm

A.K.A. Profile Glitch

International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Vancouver, Canada (2015)

Three women walking down remote road


Conwell Dance Theater, Philadelphia, PA (2009)

dancer stands posed in front of digital finger print projected on screen