Course Description

Introduction to New Media surveys the evolution of new media and computing technologies. The goal is to understand the growing importance new media has on modern society and human experience. The impact technology has on the production, delivery, consumption, and access to media content is the focus of the class. Students gain an understanding of new media theory, history, and terminology. Through class projects, students learn technical skills including graphic design and video editing.

New Media Auto-ethnography Cover by Mark Chrysafis
New Media Auto-ethnography Cover by Mark Chrysafis

Main Topics

  • Principles of New Media and Participatory Culture
  • Social, Cultural, and Political Impacts of New Media
  • Critique of New Media
  • Online Communities – The Networked Public
  • New Media and Social Change
  • Remix Culture, Appropriation, Ownership, Censorship
  • Software Culture
Analysis of Patatap, Cover, by Liam Kennison

Reading List

Lev Manovich. “What is New Media?” chapter 2 from The Language of New Media
Henry Jenkins. “Buying Into American Idol – How We Are Being Sold on Reality Television,” chapter 2 from Convergence Culture
Marshall McCluhan. “The Medium is the Message”
Nicholas Carr. The Shallows – What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains
Neil Postman. “The Huxleyan Warning,” from Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business
Sherry Turkle. “The Flight from Conversation,” The New York Times
Lev Manovich. “On Totalitarian Interactivity”
Ian Bogost. “Introduction to How to do Things with Video Games.”
Clay Shirky. “Solving Social Dilemmas,” from Here Comes Everybody
Michael Wesh. “YouTube and You, Experiences of Self-Awareness in the Context Collapse of the Recording Webcam,” EME
dana boyd. “It’s Complicated,” Chapter 1
Evgeny Morozov. “Why Kierkegaard Hates Slacktivism,” from The Net Delusion The Dark Side of Internet Freedom
Ian Bogost. “Empathy,” from How to Do Things with Videogames
Lev Manovich. “Remix and Modularity”
Lawrence Lessig. “Free Culture,” excerpt
Lev Manovich. “What Comes After Remix?”
Lev Manovich. “Software Takes Command,” excerpt

More examples of student work are available here.