Arrival at Harmony Village

aka Profile Glitch

An exploration of how the new networked public disrupts the way people perform their identity online.

Digital technologies impact the performance of the self on-line as the networked construction of persona is complicated by the increased probability of "collapsed contexts".

a.k.a. Profile Glitch is an interactive online narrative about three characters, Marty, Maeve and Johanna, who meet at Harmony Village, an intentional community located outside of Ithaca, New York. The unique emotional and physical dynamics of communal life, with its own constructed social norms and rules of conduct, creates an intense interpersonal experience. Marty, Maeve, and Johanna develop a deep, unlikely friendship that is possible because of the unique social context of the commune.

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After several months, Marty, Maeve, and Johanna each decide to return home and the dynamics of their relationship is altered. Marty begins blogging about her experiences at Harmony Village and in the process reveals information about Johanna and Maeve that they are not comfortable with. Maeve and Johanna confront Marty through a series of online conversations. The conflict between the characters highlights issues of self-identity and self-representation in different social contexts and how new technologies of the networked public disrupt the way people perform their identity online.

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aka Profile Glitch is a web art project.

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"aka Profile Glitch" was part of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA), 2015, in Vancouver Canada. The extended abstract from the ISEA presentation is here.


For a full list of cast and crew, see the About Page on the project.

Lisa Marie Patzer

Original Concept, Director, Producer, Editor

Lindsey Martin

Co-writer, Performer

Julia Fuller

Co-writer, performer

Dorothea Otto

Co-writer, performer

Fiona Otway

Director of Photography

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