Algorithmic Flowers

Starting with a Christy Shepherd Garrett wallpaper sample book from the 1890's, I extracted almost 2,000 floral patterns. With these digital files, I created a data set that could be used to train a machine learning algorithm. After training the algorithm against the floral data set, I instructed the program to generate a new set of unique floral images, i.e. algorithmic floral patterns. From the results, I selected patterns that could be used to create a repeated pattern for wallpaper and nine single files that showed a progression in the development of a pattern to be printed on silicone edge graphic fabric and installed in custom designed rear-lit lightboxes.

sample floral pattern from Christy Shepherd Garrett 1890 wallpaper sample book
one of the floral patterns extracted the from Christy Shepherd Garrett 1890 wallpaper sample book

algorithmic floral pattern wallpaper

A picture of a colourful painting in a wooden frame

Algorithmic Flowers

Bird illustration installation of a sheet
Algorithmic Birds

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