BLOW: Bubbles

The performance of self is a complex interaction of interpersonal cues

Aperformative exploration of how costume, props, gestures and social context alter the presentation of the “self” in relation to the “other”.

The context for BLOW: Bubbles is a posh dinner party. A young woman is part of the entertainment for the evening as she blows bubbles accompanied by a string quartet. The woman’s gestures are set in contrast to the high society atmosphere, established solely through the audio track. Through the sounds design, we detect the presence of a male observer with whom the woman is flirting. The interaction between the performer and the gentleman ends when a woman wearing high heels walks across the room, suggesting he has been caught flirting by someone who has a stake in the interaction. The viewer is not sure of the exact relational dynamics, the focus of the camera is kept the entire time on the behavior of the performer.

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