Lightbox titled Arch

Light Box

Digital print on reverse-lit film with custom hardwood frame.

Light box title Monk

"Monk" image from 8mm film archives recolored using machine learning program and hand-image transfer of  Quảng Đức during his self-immolation in 1963. Printed on reverse-lit film, illuminated in handmade light box. 18" (h) x 24" (w) x 4" (d)

3 light boxes titled Family Reunion

"Family Reunion," triptych of light boxes showing a still from the 8mm found footage interpreted with a machine learning algorithm. How does a computer algorithm see these domestic images?

light box with glass from side view, stained

Light box from top where two sheets of glass slide into the frame. The image is between the two pieces of glass for a secure fit. Easy to remove and swap out a different image.

Inside of light box lined with reflective tape and one row of 5000 kelvin LEDs

The inside of the light box is lined with reflective tape and one row of 5000 kelvin (soft-white) LEDs. Light temperature and dimmable options are controlled via a remote control.

A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

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