Robinson’s Golden Rule Algorithmic WallpaperPatterns

Commissioned by The Berwind Corporation, Robinson's Golden Rule Algorithmic Wallpaper is a series of custom designed reverse-lit lightboxes and silicone edge graphic prints. Inspiration for the patterns comes from Robinson's Golden Rule Wallpaper, based in Titusville, PA, honoring the regional origins of Berwind, established in 1886 in Windberg, PA.

Domestic interior design during the late 1800's saw a shift from French realistic and painterly styles to English abstract and stylized floral patterns. Pulling from Robinson's Golden Rule Wallpaper sample books I selected patterns that were colorful and paired more bold graphic with abstract patterns. Based on these samples, I created a data set based on 1. the graphic design patterns and on 2. the abstract designs — pairing the colors and results in the horizontal arrangement. I then trained a machine learning algorithm to generate its own unique patterns, from which the series of six boxes were designed.

Sample from Robinson's Golden Rule Wallpaper used in training data set.
detail of floral wallpaper sample

Samples from Robinson's Golden Rule Wallpaper used in training data set.

Robinson's Golden Rule AI Wallpaper installation. (181" w x 36" h x 6" d)

Algorithmic Tree

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