Troupe De Fetishe

Troupe de Fetishe [xs]

The audience steps into the shoes of Vanderwold, to experience the flea circus from his point of view.

Troupe de Fetishe [xs] is a small scale installation that recreates Vanderwold's work bench, with his tools, cigar boxes, and circus displayed.

Inside one of the wooden cigar boxes, a tiny monitor plays the video. With a set of magnifying lenses, the viewer is allowed to inspect the image. Just as Vanderwold used optic devices to enhance his sight when working with the flea circus, participants must use visual aids to see the video. This creates the opposite experiential affect from the original Troupe de Fetishe, 100 ft x 35 ft video projection.


"Troupe de Fetishe [xs]" debuted in February 2014 at The Video Show.


Finishing Funds were provided by PIFVA, the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association


Lisa Marie Patzer

Co-director, Producer, Editor

Ian Markiewicz

Co-director, Writer, Director of Photography

Doris Chia-Ching Lin

Co-director, Model Artist

David Miranda Hardy

Sound Designer

Robert Smythe

Oskar Vanderwold

Chris Vecchio


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