Video extended the duration and locational reach that was not otherwise possible with live performance.

The utilitarian use of video to document performance art quickly developed into an interest in the camera as an extension of the body. Influenced by expanded cinema’s aesthetic that functioned both as a critique of the culture industry and a new method of organizing viewers’ experience in relation to media, Lisa Marie’s work similarly pushed the boundaries of cinema.

A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

IceBox Project Space, Crane Arts Building, Solo Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA (2018)

Gallery installation of A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy


IceBox Project Space, Crane Arts Building, collaborative video installation, Philadelphia, PA (2010)

Silhouette of gallery visitors against large projection of matchbox


The Video Show, 3rd International Juried Exhibition, Branchburg, NJ (2014)

Old cigar box with miniature circus for art installation


Out of Site, Gallery Twenty-Two, Design Philadelphia, (2019)
Philly Tech Week, Philadelphia (2016)

Staged family portrait

Tinker’s Stew

University of Colorado, Boulder, Pendulum Series, Boulder, CO (2008)
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA (2008)

Tinker's Stew


Festival International, Lafayette, LA (2012)
Randall Theater, Philadelphia, PA (2010)

Image of stage with shooting star in background


Victory Media Plaza, Dallas, TX (2006)

color image of an eye